Best 5 Open Timing Belt Suppliers


The open-timing belts also known as open-ended belts are opposite to closed-loop timing belts. The open-ended belts are free at the ends meaning the ends of these belts are not joined together. The benefit of these open-ended belts is that they can be installed without opening any other components due to their free open ends. These open timing belts are mostly useful in applications where it’s not easy to access the belt path or the system is too complex to open to fix the belt inside it or applications that don’t allow a closed loop.

The key features and benefits of open timing belts are:

Easy installation

The open timing belts are easy to install due to their open end. They can be installed or replaced without disassembling the other parts of the machinery. This makes the maintenance of machines easy.


Their open end allows easy adjustment of the belt’s length which is useful in many applications.


The open-ended belts are versatile and can be used in various applications.


Due to their easy design, the labor cost decreases, and hence the overall cost of the belt decreases. Therefore, these open-ended belts are very cost-effective.


These open-ended belts can be customized to specific lengths and adjusted according to requirements of the application.

Where to buy

There are many benefits of open timing belts like easy installation, versatility, cost-effectiveness and customization but one thing to keep in mind is that these belts are not suitable for all applications. You need to select between open-ended or closed loop belts according to your application requirements.

The quality of these belts also matters a lot. A bad-quality belt also affects the health of your application therefore its important to use a good-quality belt to ensure the good health of your application. For buying a good quality belt you should visit a reputable supplier of open timing belts.

Here are the Best 5 open timing belt suppliers for you.




Website: https://www.zzr-parts.com/

As a global leader in the industry, this company serves as a premier supplier of high-performance belts tailored for a wide range of applications including machinery, agricultural engineering, the automotive sector, household products, and more. Boasting an extensive inventory with over 30,000 distinct SKUs readily available, they also offer customization options for sizes and materials to suit specific needs. With a commitment to global accessibility, they provide efficient shipping services worldwide.

2, Belts and Transmission Systems





Website: https://www.tyma.eu/

TYMA CZ stands as a specialized manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of products including belts, pulleys, conveyor and flat drive belts, chains, sprockets, shaft couplings, bearings, rollers, and various other essential components. Operating as a Czech family-owned company, TYMA CZ, s.r.o. offers a diverse selection of V-belts, timing belts, ribbed belts, variable speed belts, pulleys, flat belts, conveyor belts, chain drives, shaft couplings, clamping bushes, and numerous other parts to meet a wide array of industrial needs.


T2.5 – 6

3, Bearingboys




Website: https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/

Bearingboys, established in 2006, has emerged as a prominent online supplier of bearings and power transmissions in the United Kingdom. Over the years, the company has experienced remarkable growth and now serves as a trusted supplier to some of the world’s most renowned businesses, including P&G, AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, GlaxoSmithKline, Boeing, and Dyson. With an impressive track record of over 70 years in the industry, Bearingboys offers an extensive range of products. While initially focused on bearings and power transmissions, their product portfolio has expanded to encompass adhesives, grease, oils, lubricants, castors, tools, electric motors, gearboxes, fixings, fastenings, pneumatics, personal protective equipment (PPE), and plastics, catering to a diverse array of industrial needs.

T10-8350 Megaflex Steel Cord Belt

14M-55 Open Ended Timing Belt

4, Megadyne Group



Website: https://megadynegroup.com/en

The Megadyne Group is a renowned developer and manufacturer of power transmission belts, along with matched components and comprehensive belt systems, tailored to a wide spectrum of applications. Serving as a trusted partner for both original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket distributors, Megadyne boasts manufacturing facilities across Europe, North America, and Asia. This strategic presence enables Megadyne to offer its customers an extensive product portfolio, encompassing thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane belts, rubber timing and V-belts, pulleys, clamping plates, timing bars, and a range of complementary products, including customizable solutions to meet specific requirements.

Rubber open end timing belt

RPP STEEL open end rubber timing belt

5, Xuanze Industrial Drive Systems




Website: https://www.xzbelt.com/

Xuanze Industrial is a forward-thinking enterprise specializing in the production of industrial conveyor belts, regular belts, and cutting-edge tape technologies. With a state-of-the-art production workshop spanning 2,000 square meters, our company is home to a dedicated team of 40 skilled employees, including a sales force of five professionals. Bolstered by more than 10 industrial belt patents, we have made remarkable strides in the development and manufacturing of seamless PU tapes, effectively challenging the industry monopoly in Europe and the United States. Our breakthroughs have propelled us beyond our counterparts in Europe and the United States in terms of application. Notably, our SIBR-5M synchronous silicone tape, tailored for the hygiene products sector, boasts superior attributes such as high bonding strength, crack resistance, and dust-free operation, marking a significant advancement in timing belt technology.

Stripper belt

Silicone Open Timing Belt