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Best 5 Dog Wheelchairs Online Shops


Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They provide us with love, companionship, and endless amounts of joy. However, as dogs age or suffer injuries or illnesses, they may lose their ability to walk comfortably or at all. Pet owners may feel helpless and unsure of how to help their furry companion during such a challenging time.

Fortunately, dog wheelchairs have been designed to provide mobility and independence to dogs who would otherwise struggle to walk or be confined to a stationary position. These specialized wheelchairs offer support, stability, and freedom of movement for disabled dogs.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for Your Dog

A dog wheelchair can be challenging to choose, so how do you know if it’s the right choice? The first step is an easy one; a simple test will help you determine if your dog is a good candidate for a wheelchair. You can use a towel test to determine how strong your senior pet’s legs are.

Try this simple towel test to determine your dog’s level of support:

Your pet may need different levels of support depending on their condition and mobility needs. If your pet is easily able to walk forward with your aid, they need a rear wheel dog wheelchair. When your dog steps forward, but their front legs splay outward, they need a 4-wheel wheelchair to support them.

  • Rear Dog Wheelchairs

Pets with weak hind legs or injuries will benefit from rear support wheelchairs. The rear wheelchairs provide balance and stability, making it possible for your dog to walk, run, and play again. Pets with completely paralyzed rear legs can use the stirrups to elevate their rear paws safely off the ground, preventing scraping or dragging injuries.

  • Full Support Wheelchair

It is ideal for dogs with weakened front and back legs to drive and steer a quad wheelchair. The front legs of your dog must be strong enough to operate a quad wheelchair. For dogs with progressive diseases such as Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) that progressively worsen over time, the Full Support wheelchair is an excellent option.

Here are the best 5 dog wheelchairs online shops:

1, Crawlpaw


As a premier online pet store, Crawlpaw Pet Products, Inc. provides high-quality pet supplies and products to dogs and cats at an affordable price. Dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for pet owners to find everything they need for their furry friends, the company understands the love and affection pet owners have for them. Crawlpaw stands out for its commitment to quality and customer service. Before offering their products to customers, they rigorously test them to ensure their quality. Crawlpaw’s business model is built on excellent customer service, making it the most convenient and trusted destination for pet parents around the world.

2, Eddieswheels


EDDIE’S WHEELS is a company founded by Eddie and Leslie Grinnell, who have been caregivers of disabled dogs for the past two decades. The couple has designed a unique wheelchair that caters to the needs of pets with mobility issues, allowing them to live a good quality of life while they heal. Eddie’s background in mechanical engineering played a significant role in the creation of this revolutionary design, which has gained widespread recognition among veterinarians, rehab practitioners, and canine chiropractors. The company boasts custom-built wheelchairs that are tailored to match each pet’s disability and body shape. They are lightweight, durable, adjustable, and equipped with wheels suitable for any terrain. Additionally, their exclusive Variable axle carts can adjust to compensate for increasing weakness in a dog’s front legs. Eddie’s Wheels’ user-friendly wheelchair designs are handcrafted in the USA, warranteed for the life of your pet, and exported worldwide.

3, Wheels4dogs


Wheels4dogs is a UK-based company that specializes in providing mobility solutions for pets with disabilities. It all started when Julia and David noticed a problem with their German Shepherd Dog, Heidi’s, back feet, which resulted in a diagnosis of degenerative myelopathy – a condition with no treatment that would eventually cause paralysis in her hind legs. After finding heavy, second-hand wheels difficult to use, they discovered Walkin’ Wheels® in the USA, a product that transformed Heidi’s life, enabling her to run, walk, and even canter along the beach. This inspired them to import these amazing products to the UK so that other dogs could enjoy the same freedom and independence. When Julia and David retired, the business was passed down to another animal lover who continues to expand its reach and impact. Today, Wheels4dogs comprises five passionate individuals dedicated to providing mobility solutions and enriching the lives of pets and their owners.



K9carts is a Florida-based company specializing in providing mobility solutions to pets with mobility issues. With over 60 years of combined veterinary experience, the company has helped thousands of pets regain full mobility and live longer, happier lives. The team has run their own veterinary orthopedic referral practice for 50 years where they have diagnosed numerous mobility issues and developed innovative solutions to solve them. From a 2 lb rabbit to a 250 lb miniature horse, K9carts design wheelchairs to fit all kinds of pets. Their design team is excellent at coming up with different solutions and ideas as needs arise, backed by their unrivaled veterinary expertise. Manufacturing is done in Florida, and carts are shipped out within 2-4 business days to ensure pets can get back to being active again as soon as possible.

5, Zoomadog 


Zoomadog is a medical and rehabilitation dog aid solution that provides mobility solutions to dogs in the UK. They have been helping dogs across the UK since 2011 and are known for their unparalleled customer service. The friendly team at Zoomadog understands that it can be challenging when your dog is unwell or recovering, which is why they offer complete support via phone or email. As a family-run small business based in London, Zoomadog is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your furry friend. Their expertise lies in addressing mobility issues in dogs, making them the go-to solution for people seeking medical and rehabilitation dog aids in the UK.