Best 5 custom watches factories China


Custom watches provide the opportunity to personalize and tailor a timepiece according to specific preferences. Customization options include choosing the dial, crown, case material, strap, and other elements. There are some reasons why people want custom watches.

Why do people want OEM Swiss custom watches?

These watches reflect individual styles and tastes, allowing wearers to create a timepiece that aligns perfectly with their preferences and lifestyle.

Choose your dial

The dial is where you can showcase your personal taste and style. It allows you to express yourself through various design elements, such as color, texture, patterns, and indices. Whether you prefer a sleek minimalist look, a bold and vibrant aesthetic, or a vintage-inspired design, the dial serves as a canvas to embody your individuality. Different dials are suited for different occasions and activities. For a formal setting, a clean and understated dial with elegant hour markers may be ideal. On the other hand, a sporty dial with luminescent hands and bold numerals might be more fitting for active pursuits. By choosing the dial, you can ensure that your ODM custom Swiss watch harmonizes with your lifestyle and enhances your overall experience.

Choose your crown

The crown is often located at the side of the watch case and serves as a focal point. By choosing your crown, you can add a unique touch to your timepiece. The crown of a watch is not only a functional component but also a design element that adds character and distinction to your timepiece. When given the opportunity to choose your crown, you have the ability to further personalize and elevate your OEM custom Swiss watch. There are various crown styles available, ranging from classic rounded designs to more intricate and innovative shapes. This customization option allows you to align the crown aesthetics with your personal style and preference.

Choose your strap

The strap of a watch holds immense potential for customization, allowing you to give your timepiece a distinctive and personalized look. By selecting the material, and color, and even adding personal engravings, you can create a watch strap that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

If you also want to get your custom watch here are the Best 5 custom watches factories in China.

1, Dawn Time Watch Factory







Website: https://www.dawn-time.com/

Dawn Time Watch Factory, which was founded in 2008 in the Long Gang Area of Shenzhen, China, has been producing watches for nearly 15 years. We have customers all over the world, including Europe, America, South America, Australia, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Any customer from any corner of the world is welcome at Dawn Time Watch Factory. Unlike many other watch factories, Dawn Time Watch Factory aims to assist all new watch practitioners, kickstarter, small order, drop ship customers in building their watch brands. Many of our watch designs can be ordered in small quantities from Dawn Time Watch Factory. We have thousands of watch designs and many stock watch products. As long as you provide some reference pictures, Dawn Time Watch Factory can create a professional watch design for you.

Stainless steel sapphire glass mechanical automatic watch

Japan movt quartz watch stainless steel bezel vdear custom logo watch

2, Focus Technology Co., Ltd.




Website: https://www.made-in-china.com/

At the moment, Made-in-China.com has more than 40 million pieces of product information from 27 different industries on its website. Furthermore, Made-in-China.com also provides different ways for global buyers to source products for their procurement requirements based on the different methods Made-in-China.com offers. There are a number of world’s leading inspection companies, such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, or TÜV Rheinland, that verify all premium suppliers on Made-in-China.com on site so that trade risks can be reduced for global buyers. Global buyers have access to their suppliers’ Audit Reports online for free, which can be used to verify their authenticity.

 Bewell 3 ATM Water Resistant Men Watches Dive Watch Automatic Custom Automatic Watches

Bewell High Quality Diamond Mechanical Mens Watches Genuine Leather Strap Automatic Watch

3, Shenzhen Zhanchuang Watch Co. Ltd




Website: https://www.romlicen.com/

A professional Chinese watch manufacturer, Shenzhen Zhanchuang Watch Co. Located in Shenzhen, China, the company has a total area of over 2000 square meters and has been manufacturing watches for more than 10 years. Located in Shenzhen, Zhanchuang Watch Co. manufactures and wholesales mid-to-high-end watches. Zhanchuang Watch Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of high-end OEM & ODM watches in China. Watch manufacturer Romlicen Watch specializes in high-end watches, fashion watches, and private label watches. Whether it is creative development, design, or manufacturing for watch brands, Shenzhen Zhanchuang Watch Co. offers and shares the knowledge, experience, resources needed to start a successful watch brand. Watchmakers Shenzhen Zhanchuang Co., Ltd is a group of experienced watchmakers as well as a typical manufacturer of watches. Watch Company Shenzhen Zhanchuang enjoys what we do, and we enjoy solving all challenges our customers have in the watch business.

Men’s Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Men’s automatic mechanical stainless steel watch

4, Shenzhen Giant Watch Co.Ltd




Website: https://www.szgiantwatch.com/

We have 12 years of experience customizing watches at Giant Watch. We strive to simplify our customers’ customization watch business by doing this: Our production team. Colleagues in the engineering department create watches that can be sold from the customer’s perfect design. You can count on us to be your hands in China. Production department colleagues manufacture batch watches for customers so that customers can focus on opening up the market and providing timely deliveries so that sales can be conducted. You can count on us to be your legs in China. Their job is to test functions, control quality, prevent defective products from entering the market, and provide strong support for customers’ brands. You can count on us to keep an eye on China for you.

Rose Gold Stainless Steel Women Watch Lady Watch

Full Steel Watch From Giant Watch Factory OEM GM-7014

5, Fujian Fancy Clock & Watch Co.,Ltd

Website: https://www.dehengwatches.com/

With 15 years of private label watch experience, we are one of the leading custom watch manufacturers and suppliers in China. Each of our products has been certified with CE and ROHS certifications, so they are in compliance with international standards and meet the requirements of those standards. Located in a 1000 square meter non-dust facility, we manufacture custom watches for 34 countries and we are partnered with some well-known companies in the field.

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