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Best 5 cargo control products Manufacturers


Cargo control products which include lifting slings, rigging slings, or lashing securing are essential for securing and managing loads during transportation. Here are five top cargo control products known for their effectiveness and utility:

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps, also known as tie-down straps, are versatile and widely used for securing cargo on trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. They consist of a durable webbing material and a ratcheting mechanism that allows you to tighten the strap securely around the cargo. Ratchet straps come in various lengths and weight capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of load sizes.

Cargo Nets

Cargo control product Cargo nets are designed to cover and secure irregularly shaped or loose loads. These nets are made from strong materials and feature multiple attachment points for securing cargo. They are particularly useful for preventing items from shifting during transit, making them popular for transporting items like firewood, construction materials, and sports equipment.

Tarpaulins (Tarps)

Tarps provide protection for cargo from weather elements such as rain, snow, and sunlight. Heavy-duty tarps are commonly used to cover loads on flatbed trucks, trailers, and open-bed vehicles. They come in various sizes and materials, including vinyl and canvas, to suit different cargo types and weather conditions.

Load Bars and Cargo Bars

Load bars and cargo bars are Cargo control products that are adjustable bars that can be positioned horizontally within the cargo area of a truck or trailer. They work by creating tension between the sidewalls of the vehicle, effectively preventing cargo from shifting during transit. Load bars are especially valuable for managing loads that require containment within the cargo space.

Corner Protectors

Corner protectors, also known as edge protectors, are often used in conjunction with straps and other securing methods. These durable plastic or rubber accessories are placed at the corners of the cargo to prevent straps from damaging the cargo or getting cut. They help distribute the pressure evenly and protect both the cargo and the straps from abrasion.

It’s important to choose cargo control products that are appropriate for the type of cargo you’re transporting and the mode of transportation you’re using. Always follow safety guidelines and regulations when securing your cargo to ensure a safe and successful journey. Here are the Best 5 cargo control products Manufacturers for you.

1, East link





With a proven track record spanning over a decade, Eastlink emerges as a reputable and skilled manufacturer originating from China. The company specializes in a wide variety of premium-grade products. Its offerings include Polyester sling webbing, Lashing tapes, Roundsling sleeves, Eye protectors, Ratchet straps, Polyester flat webbing slings, Round slings, One way slings, Cargo nets, Cloverleaf slings, Marine slings, Corner protectors, Ratchets, Polyester yarn, Sewing threads, and an array of others. Eastlink takes immense pride in its unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring that each product adheres to rigorous quality standards to cater to diverse industrial needs. Eastlink continues to be the reliable choice for robust, enduring solutions that deliver exceptional performance in lifting, securing, and various other applications.







Bringing over 40 years of industry expertise, All Lifting delivers comprehensive lifting, rigging, and height safety products and services solution. All Lifting specializes in a range of services, including metal fabrication, crane commissioning, sling manufacturing, fabricated lifting devices, custom work box production, and training and supervision for height and safety solutions. A cornerstone of All Lifting’s capabilities includes in-house and on-site mechanical testing, adhering to ISO/IEC 17205 standards, as well as visual inspections compliant with ISO/IEC 17020 standards. The company is also well-equipped to provide repair services to meet industry needs.

8 Tonne Round Sling

2 Tonne Flat Web Sling

3, Holloway Houston





Holloway Houston proudly holds its position as a premier supplier of exceptional lifting products and services to the worldwide energy and construction markets. The company boasts ample inventories, superior manufacturing capabilities, value-added solutions, robust testing facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment, all culminating in comprehensive answers to industrial lifting needs. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Holloway boasts ISO 9001 certification and a workforce of over 200 specialists who are resolute in exceeding the expectations of global industrial lifting clientele.

Silverback HHIperLift Slings

 Holloway Eye & Eye Slings

4, Hanes Supply, Inc.






HSI, an abbreviation for Hanes Supply, Inc., proudly boasts a rich history dating back to 1930 in the domains of wire rope splicing and sling manufacturing. Within the rigging and heavy-lifting sector, the company has firmly established itself as a frontrunner. Its specialization lies in the meticulous crafting of slings and below-the-hook lifting equipment, all originating from the United States. HSI excels in offering resolutions for intricate rigging challenges, a proficiency underscored by its custom innovations that have been instrumental in diverse projects ranging from the Panama Canal to the North Pole. The scope of these accomplishments extends across a spectrum of industries, including wind energy, marine applications, and military sectors.



5, Sich Wirerope





SichWirerope, an established manufacturer in China with over 40 years of expertise, specializes in lifting and hoisting services. SichWirerope focus includes Wire rope slings, Chain slings, Synthetic slings, Lifting devices, Fall protection equipment, and Rigging hardware OEM/ODM services, catering to leading global brands. SichWirerope product’s footprint extends across 60 countries and regions encompassing Europe, Australia, the USA, and the Middle East. The hallmarks of SichWirerope’s offering lie in its extensive range, global outreach, and commitment to service excellence.

 Polyester Flat Web Eye & Eye sling

Hand Spliced Wire Rope Slings