ZHUCHENKO EKATERINA, Everything inside,  size 70*50 cm,

Price 2000 $,The light unit is powered by three AA batteries



"My creative path began with art therapy. First of all, I wanted to understand myself, find my limitations, resources and pains. At some point I realized that painting is not just a means but a huge resource for me that connects me with my inner world.


When oil painting suddenly emerged, it became a way to reconnect with my father who loved painting as well, but has never been able to realize himself as an artist. One of the biggest joys has been allowing myself to enroll in an art school and start painting in oil.


A painting for me is the whole world, a portal that allows me to express the internal state, share my experiences, help immerse myself in another world and understand something about myself. After all, pictures make it easy to reach out to our subconscious and find the answers hidden inside. In my search, the work "All Inside" became the main one this year.


About artwork "Everything inside".


The work is assembled on a wooden basis from the remains of other projects: texture paste, ceramics, ornament from recycled leftovers of eco-leather. So my life is made up of what I get in all experiences. Unraveling a long strip, discarding marriage, I was able to combine my experience into a beautiful ornament, lay it inside the figure and finally set clear boundaries. I realized that each seam of the ornament has its own value, only by accepting the whole experience I put myself together.

The center flower made from recycled plastic is the only highlight of the work. This is an inner fire. He is guarded by ceramic hands. Thanks to the motion sensor, he knows how to light up. This is also symbolic. Through communication, we get the very spark that gives ideas and inspiration. This is where magic is born. But at the same time, contact should not be direct, which preserves the integrity and magic of the inner world.


Everything is metaphorical in this work: the materials, how it appeared, how the methods of its creation changed in the process, how the rough unites, how what was destined to be thrown out is reborn. And even the way work is living now also says a lot about myself.


She has inspired me since the beginning of summer, since the moment the thought of her appeared. This is a work about me and about many others looking for answers from the outside, but finding them inside. "

ZHUCHENKO EKATERINA, Everything inside