Zeiko Doka, Where Goes Your Heart, 120 x 100cm, Oil on Canvas, 6150€.


The art of Georgian born, Athens – London based artist Zeiko Doka is evolving incessantly. She graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, from the Architecture department. She started her participation in solo and group exhibitions since she was a 6-year old child.

She has taken part in worldwide exhibitions and Art Fair. Her work was in British GQ (VOGUE House), World Wide Art Books "CURRENT MASTERS" USA, Zeiko Duka in Inspiration: "INTERNATIONAL ART BOOK'' Contemporary Masters Collection; London, UK. Zeiko Duka's art in CIRCLE spotlight, Published by Circle Foundation for the Arts, Lyon, France. Also, her works are in different private collections in the USA, United Kingdom,Greece, Georgia, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and Morocco.

Her masterful manipulation of light and dark and the fluidity of forms seem like a pictorial portrayal of music sonata. She depicts her dreams and imagination in a symphony of color palette, that burst out of the canvas or paper with the emotional force of the spring. She depicts semi-figurative human shapes in sensuous, flesh-toned circles. Her imagery is as mysterious and ephemeral as a dream. She blends dimensional planes in dramatic, sweeping movements, avoiding mundane detail and giving the neoclassical works a surreal quality. As the plot unfolds, the veneer is stripped away and the fundamental, basic truth is revealed to the viewer in a crescendo of free-flowing color.

Zeiko Doka, Where Goes Your Heart, 120 x 100cm, Oil on Canvas