YiChen HO, Ornament 3, material: wool, cotton size: 130 x 65 cm, price: $1,500.00


YiChen HO, Taiwan/France

Taiwanese artist YiChen HO, currently based in the south of France, interests in different fields that can define her as a designer, researcher, artist. She obtained her MA degree in material from École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs. Her works have always shown great influence from organic form, material and craftsmanship technique. By making object and sculpture, Her works focus on the relationship and interaction between human and space, and on the sustainable process of creation.

Ornament text:

Ornament is a carpet design project created during the Covid-19 pandemic, taking everyday movements made by both living and inanimate objects into design, using recycled materials from garment waste without compromising the quality with craftsmanship techniques of felting and tufting. Ornament embraces feature that is normally considered ‘imperfect’, inviting users and consumers to appreciate the incorporated meanings, details and traces.

During the quarantine, I spent almost 100 percent of my time in a small apartment in Paris. I started to note down traces from daily activities, like writing a diary. Most of the traces were left unconsciously but almost following the same routine. Even though confinement was difficult to cope with, it certainly led me to create a very personal print.

The pattern of Ornament focuses on the negative and positive space around traces that were left by moving objects. Trace can be divided into two categories: overlapping, which is formed by compression in a three-dimensional way like an indentation; and discrepancy, that is found on a single flat surface with inconsistent color like a shadow. They both involve two drivers: time and action. Trace is a clue, a sign of motion, reflecting the relationship and interaction between user and space. The fluidity of trace is never complete.

After collecting the patterns of the carpet, tufting technique is the nextstep to create the comfy and warm base of Ornament. All yarns are recycled from second hand garments. Needle felting comes in for giving the indentation a compressed look which is more similar to natural indentation on carpets than simply trimming and cutting off the piles. For the finish- ing, the piles are fixed with natural latex to avoid fibers from falling off, and then glued to another layer of recycled cotton fabric also with latex. The backing fabric is printed with information of the material sources, the making process, the maintenance of carpet, and on how and where to recycle. Finally, the edges of the backing are being hand stitched to set.

Ornament is not simply a decorative object, but a content of space within architecture forming the sense of interior design, feeding the memories between users and space while defining their way of living. 


YiChen HO, Ornament 3