The Mother Ship Has Arrived to Claim the Things that we Want
2019, photograph on paper. 25.8in x 40in. $600.00


Vi Trinh is a first generation Vietnamese-American. She works in digital and traditional media to examine the relationship between ecological and social patterns. As a contemporary conceptual artist her work explores ideas of rich aesthetics in ecological emergencies and the temporal reality created by large-scale phenomena. She synthesizes data to confront ideas of colonialism and white supremacy within our current social context. Vi Trinh graduated from the University of Richmond in 2019 with a B.A. in Visual and Media Arts Practice & Leadership.

1% for the 1% began as a sculptural synthesis of lactose intolerance data overlaying a map of the world, as a response to White Supremacists chugging milk to prove their genetic superiority. It evolved into a representation of colonialism and the historical factors that affect capitalistic discrimination. The sculpture transforms into monolithic photograph as an idealized portraiture of capitalism.

Vi Trinh,The Mother Ship Has Arrived to Claim the Things that we Want