ULYANA KOROL, Lost perfection, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm, year 2021



Ulyana Korol is an acclaimed painter from Ukraine based in Spain, whose works have

been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally. She works in the technique of

palette knife oil painting.

Ulyana draws her artistic inspiration from travelling. Her canvases emit a warm light and

highlight the beauty of nature.

The main idea of her art is to transfer the emotion of happiness and also love to the nature.

Ulyana Korol was born in 1980 in Lviv, Ukraine. She comes from a family of doctors. From early

childhood, she showed creative skills, so parents encouraged this in every possible way. There were different

painting studios, her own seeking and graduation with honors the art school. The desire to create has

reflected in Ulyana's first personal exhibition at the age of nine.

She graduated from the Lviv National University, the Faculty of International Relations, and later - the

Law Faculty.

Living in the city rich on cultural and artistic events, Ulyana visits various art exhibitions and events,

communicates with artists, draws new knowledge and inspiration. Art has never been ceasing to be a part of

her life. She continued to draw at every opportunity. However, after having become a mother of three sons,

there was less time for painting.

Later, as the children have grown up, Ulyana often asked herself, "Why don't I increase the talent

given to me from above?"

Eventually, as if an invisible hand drove her back to the dream – Ulyana has bought canvases, oil

paints and begun to paint with greater passion. It has happened in the summer of 2014

Since then, the artist has been working a lot in the creative field.

Artist’s works are held in the numerous private collections in the U.S., Europe, Australia, New

Zealand, Brazil and Asia.

ULYANA KOROL, Lost perfection