TSAI YU-CHIEH, Life Stories n. 8, 15 x 21 cm each, oil on canvas, 2021



Tsai yu-chieh was born in Taiwan, living in Antwerp now.

She earned her Masters degree from Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

She is a Textile Pattern designer, a painter, and a barista..

Trying to Find herself for many years.

She decided to return to basics.

Enjoys doing things that are with the heart.

Believing that people are worthy of a peaceful and beautiful life.

About the paintings - Life Stories

"One life, one story, is enough.

The way of life, stumbled.

I just want to tell a simplest and most important story.

simplest lines, simplest technique, and the most free colors,

I want to face myself honestly with a pure heart.

Each painting is a mirror that reflects who I am inside.

This is my process of returning to myself.

This is my life story."

TSAI YU-CHIEH, Life Stories n. 8