Tonya Vinogradova, Untitled 2, oil on canvas, 100 X 180 cm, 2019



Is an independent artist, fashion designer, performer.

She was born in Belarus in 1990, place called Hoiniki (Chernobyl zone) in 1990, she moved to Kobrin, Belarus in 1992, and then she moved to Minsk, Belarus at the age of 16, at 23 she moved again, this time to Prague, Czech Republic.

She has her own style that is abstract, expressionistic and borders on fashion illustrations. The main point of her work is to combine the theme with the style. She says that one day we can see everything very clearly, even every small line, but in the second moment all that can stop existing and becomes distorted with a sense of instability and that any visually perceived thing seems like it was washed away by the wave. So, there is no guarantee that what you are clearly believe in today will be seen as the same tomorrow.

She is very much inspired by the fashion industry. She is watching a lot of fashion shows and has

selected certain photos from the shows, then she started making sketches on the

tablet and later decided to continue her creation on canvas.

Tonya Vinogradova, Untitled 2, 100 X 180 cm, 2019