TJAŠA IRIS, FLOWER, ​Photograph printed on textured pvc canvas, slight hand interventions enhancements done with acrylic paint.
120 x 160 cm, edition of 12, 2020



b. in Slovenia in 1968. She works with both photography and painting, depicting vibrant and saturated images of flowers, gardens and vegetation. Iris’ primary focus is investigating the expressive abilities and nuances of colour.  The last 12 years she mostly spent living/creating/ traveling and exhibiting in South East Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Malaysia.

In 2020 she got stranded in Koh Phangan Island in Thailand, due to Covid , where she created a series of artworks called: ANAN (which means peaceful in Sanskrit) SEA GARDENS. The series is very vibrant, but also peaceful at the same time.