SUKHADA DAS, UNTITLED 8, 127 X 96 cm, Mixed media with gold leaf on canvas, 2020, 5000 €



Born in 1980, in the Industrial Capital of India, Mumbai; Sukhada has grown up

with the work culture, beauty, hassle and the toxicity that comes with it.

Spending 40 years in this city has impacted her and changed her character in

many ways. Inherited artistic skills from her forefathers intuited her to see

herself as an artist and 7 years of bachelor and masters in Fine Art at J. J. school

of art molded her into one. She tends to express her emotions and attitudes

through her semi figurative paintings and sculptures. Botanical drawings and

lyricism in nature attract her. Although she has a taste for gouache, she also

likes to experiment with non-traditional mediums.

Last two years of pandemic brought a huge shift in her outlook. Her love for

nature resurfaced during this time and took a pleasant form on her canvases.

Sight of glorious water lilies in a remote destination inspired her to develop a

new style. Lotus mainly representing a flower of rebirth and water lilies being

the flower of love and hope; seeing them in painting rejuvenates the viewer in

this gloomy and grey atmosphere. The bright shades of pink, blue, violet and

yellow freshens the saturated mind.