SUDRAK KONGGPUANG, Title : Fly to the Sky, Year : 2020, Size : W 180 x L 130 cm. Media : Oil and arylic colours on canvas, Price : 3,500 Euros



Sudrak Khongpuang is a Thai artist and started her career as a professional painter in 2003 Sudrak is

renowned for the use of vibrant colours to document the Thai countryside and the old rural way of

life. Her oil colours on the canvas are modern Landscape paintings, inspired by her carefree

childhood years spent with her grandparents upcountry. Later, she developed her work by applying

Buddhist teachings as inspiration for her creations. And now, she is focused on researching subjects

of changes in today's global society for current painting making.

Sudrak received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in art education

from Burapha University, a well-known university in eastern Thailand. And then she decided to

focus on working in fine art seriously for is a professional artist.

She spent the first 6 years of her professional career perfecting her techniques and discovering

her distinctive style. Ever since then her artworks have been shown to public viewing – both in

solo and group art exhibitions.

In addition, Sudrak has been invited to be the residency artist of South Bay Contemporary in the

United States of America (USA) and had two solo exhibitions were included, 1st in 2016 and 2nd

in 2018 The most recent solo exhibition, "A Tale of Two Shores" at SoLa Gallery in Los Angeles

city, was chosen as the first highlight of the year 2018 in the EasyReaderNews's review,

publishing media of the USA.

And in 2021, she has been selected as 1 of 9 artists from around the world. To publish interviews

and artworks in a special issue of “LandEscape art review” magazine distributed worldwide.

Her paintings are celebrated by art collectors. And her exhibitions are praised by the public and

media, both in newspapers, magazines, and television by both domestic and foreign.