STEPHANIE BARBETTA, Ballerinas in the woods, 2020



Visual artist, poet and actress.

She earned a degree (MA) in art, philosophy, literature and a bachelor in the practice of theatre. 

"I work on the traum-a. From the German « Traum » the dream and the Greek letter « a » privative, I transfigure the trauma as a possible Schrödinger dream in incandescent and paradoxically joyful pictures full of colors. 

Indeed, I don’t believe in white feelings. According to me, emotions and feelings melt in each other, that’s why we love dancing on despair. 

In 2020, my work has been selected by as best picture of July and one of them received a special award in October from ArtJobs. 

During the same year, I received a Swiss writing price PEG for my short story Burst with love. 

In December 2021, The Boomer Gallery's London magazine offers me the privilege of being included among 101 artists who have identity, or rather the layers of identity, as the basis of their research."

In 2022, some of her creations will figure in a collective book of women artist. 

STEPHANIE BARBETTA, Ballerinas in the woods