SONIA BEN ACHOURA, The Future of Life

Acrylic on Canvas with deep edges

W86.5 x H101.5 x D3.7cm


Technology and biology collide in this painting. A robotic conceptualisation of mankind, at the intersection between biological life and technology, this painting reconciles two worlds. At a time of climate emergency, it is a tribute to the mysterious world of plants. Silent, vivid manifestations of life, they are embodiments of creativity, symbols of love. Deceptively fragile in appearance, orchids, bleeding hearts and jade vines cling on to life. At the centre of the painting, a man-made tunnel may be leading into oblivion. Yet it could also be a way into a more harmonious way of life. Sliding plates give a sense of perspective and rapid motion. As the speed of life accelerates, there is the need to protect delicate creatures in the wild.




was born in Paris, France. Having travelled extensively, she settled in the UK. A self-taught artist with a previous career in psychology, she was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci from an early age. Art and science converge in her paintings, manifesting in insightful explorations of mind and nature. Her career in fine art spans over two decades, with a distinctive body of work characterised by a vivid chromatic palette, a detailed execution, and a futuristic edge. Her fascination with human nature at the present stage of evolution (characterised by pervasive interaction with technology) manifests in geometric compositions with futuristic overtones. The artist shapes light and colour as the basis for her compositions. Like intimations of perfection, her paintings are born out of an interplay between light and colour. She creates a world of vivid colour, dynamic forms, and geometric perfection. Captivated by abstraction, her art nevertheless lies between the abstract and the figurative. An elaborate art vocabulary allows her to bring to life powerful conceptualisations of mental phenomena, informed by thorough research and synthesised through visionary imagination. These manifest in psychological icons, blueprints of the mind in both oils and acrylics. Sonia’s intuitive style emanates from a meditative place. As a result, her paintings often incorporate figurative elements in her abstract works, giving rise to atmospheric compositions. Her concern for the environment transpires throughout her body of work, as she contemplates future outcomes through her art. The potential for a partnership between mankind and nature is envisaged as she weaves organic forms over the fabric of robotic geometry.


Sonia regularly exhibits her work at galleries and art fairs in Europe. She sells her paintings internationally.

SONIA BEN ACHOURA, The Future of Life