SHANIE PRASAD, Archi Larki 1, photograph on paper, Digital Image, 29 cm x 47 cm, Edition 1/5, 2019, $180


The series of photoshopped images, stopmotion and video, follows my personaljourney to find myself within my cultureand religion. Expressing my ‘j​angalee’(wild) non-lady like personality. The workwas created with the inspirational andunique ecosystems, structures and cultureof Thailand during my visit. I found a lot ofconnections and answers relating toreligion, culture and self.



Born in Lautoka , Fiji and currently based in South Auckland, New Zealand and studying full time at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. She mostly works with mixed mediums and found objects, she finds the way materials feel and testing their limits, strengths and 

weaknesses interesting and engaging. Similar to the way she enjoys analyzing human behaviour and understanding peoples nature. Her work is a balance between complex layering, depth, texture and fun, playful colours and comedy. Her key interests can be 

found within the services that art provides to our society.   

SHANIE PRASAD, Archi Larki 1, Digital Image, 29 cm x 47 cm, Edition 1/5, 2019