SEBASTIAN LASZCZYK, Ukryta świadomosć, 2021, 800 Euros


Sebastian Laszczyk was born on May 31, 1994 in Rzeszów. I graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts with a BA in Painting and Painting Techniques in 2019 with an Artistic Diploma, Lost. In 2020, I graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, receiving a master's degree in graphics in a graphic studio with a diploma of Pole Oka, Six Walls and Action Figures in the Conclave and Multimedia studio, creating the film etudes of Nine Exhausts. I have participated in many international exhibitions of the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Japan, Armenia, Serbia, Belgium and at home. Currently, a third-degree student at the doctoral studies.

SEBASTIAN LASZCZYK, Ukryta świadomosć