ROXANE REVON, ROOT I, limited edition (of 12 prints), 16x16 inches, 450$ (unframed)



Roxane Revon is a multi-disciplinary artist. She grew up in France and studied philosophy at La Sorbonne University (MA) before moving to New York where she started her artistic career.

For a decade, she has been working as an award winning theater director, scenographer and teacher (Columbia University, CUNY) while developing multimedia installations and visual arts. Her work interrogates our relationships to the “non human”, and especially plants. In her current PLANTHROPOSCENE installations inspired by anthropologists Philippe Descola and Natasha Myers, Revon stages new scenes and ways to see and seed a plant /people relationship in the here and now.This Fall, she was thrilled to be part of the LMCC Art Center residency on Governors Island. She resides in Manhattan and works both in Europe and the US.