Rosie Lloyd-Giblett, Over the Border, 100cm x 120cm, AUD$2500.00. Acrylic paint on canvas.


Rosie studied Fine Art and majored in painting in the early 1990’s. After completing her University Studies in Art and Secondary Art education she spent 8 years working and travelling in Southern Africa and remote Indigenous communities of Northern Australia. She now resides on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.​


Rosie has a regular art practice that is energetic and responsive to the landscape, her work is usually drawing, painting and mixed media. The imagery she creates are from both internal and external sources. The works usually start from a mental snapshot of a place or a fleeting emotion. She lives on the Noosa River and enjoys the shadows and the ecosystems that are at her back door.​


Rosie regularly works plein air, working quickly with energy and freedom. The initial mark making and contour drawing take her on a journey of line, shape and space. Large canvases and paper blowing in the wind gives oxygen and a sense of place to her work. She then returns to the studio to resolve imagery and ideas; turning images upside down and sometimes tearing them apart. The landscape is ever changing and continues to inspire her art practice.​


The works have a physical relationship with the surfaces: “I want the viewer to move and discover their feet in the artworks and get into tune with the natural world”, says Rosie. She expresses the magnetic energy of walking up mountain ranges, visiting the outback and exploring the coastline.

Rosie Lloyd-Giblett, Over the Border, 100 x 120cm, acrylic on canvas.