RIGATONI GARRIDO, Flamingo, $400, Flamingo- 11 in. x 14 in. (27.94 cm. x 35.56 cm.), 2019, oil on wood panel



Rigatoni Garrido is a Venezuelan-American artist/animator based in North Texas. She currently works as a concept artist at Wonder Works Studio, and explores character design in her preferred medium, oil paint. Her paintings are included in a series called "Playfully Mature" where she combines a fun, cartoony character design with mature concepts we as humans face in our day-to-day lives (romantic relationships, financial problems, confidence in oneself, etc.)  She created this series of paintings while she was studying at the University of North Texas, and continued it while she attended Cambridge's School of Visual and Performing Arts in the United Kingdom in 2020. Rigatoni's painting techniques include utilizing a heavy amount of impasto on many of her works creating a build-up of thick oil paint in the background of the painting. The artist will also include small amounts of puffy paint to add to the texture of the backgrounds and strictly paints with only a palette knife rather than a brush. Rigatoni Garrido is continuing this series of works, as well as animating original characters on social media platforms.