PAULA QUINTELA, "The Red Storm." W 145 cm x H 103 cm Framed in solid oak timber. Mixed media including Print techniques and Hand painting in archival papers and paints. Individual one off work. Price $3,000 USD 



completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from Universidad de Chile. Having studied professional photography at Fotoforum Institute in Chile, ceramics at Fanshaw College in London (Canada) and printmaking with Canadian artist Jean Pierre Sauvé in Montreal. Exhibiting in both solo and group exhibitions in Chile and abroad, including France, Argentina, New York, Hong Kong and Australia. 


Her current work explores the cultural experiences and connections between time, migration and memory.

‘In my journey as an artist, I have always been fascinated by Nature. As a result of living in strikingly different regions of the world, I have expressed this fascination in various ways. Three elements recur clearly and vigorously throughout my work: the Water, the Air and the Earth, with, usually, one element overtaking the others, in accordance with the characteristics of the location in which I am living at that moment. From the strong and dark oceans of South America to the textures of the Canadian forest; from the starry sky of the Atacama Desert to the mountainous Santiago city and recently to the tropical forests of Australia, I draw my imagery’.

The Storm

(That night in the forest): The Storm explores an ongoing interest into cultural experiences 

and connections between time, migration and memory. From a 

young age, living in Chile I recognised and identified with the plight

and journey of the traditional landowners. The visual cues of body 

painting, imagery within the ceremonial photographs of rituals, 

ceremony and dance. These investigations and research into the 

stories behind the people and places have allowed me to identify 

an important part of my own personal journey in life, one 

impassioned from the heart with the memories of my ancestors.