NATHALIE DE CORTE, Le Crépuscule des Nymphéas, acrylique on canvas, 278 X 210 cm, 2020$7300



She decided to work on larger scaled canvasses and to include her body movement in her paintings who are close to lyrical abstraction. The inspiration for her paintings emerge from the realm of plants and flowers. 


"Plants bend, flex, and seek out the most favorable position for survival. They tilt their foliage towards the sun and, when it rains, adjust to take in the exact amount of water - not too much, not too little. Though the essence of a plant remains the same, its physical shape is always adapting, fashioning itself into an ever-changing constellation, and so does my painting : my lines, like cursive writing, wrap around on themselves, returning to their origins, hiding only to emerge again in blossoms."

Nathalie De Corte is a Belgian artist whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. She compares her pictorial research to automatic writing. De Corte incorporates her own series of ideograms into her pieces, sometimes they are legible, other times they disappear in favor of solid surfaces which produces moments of absence, fullness, and suspension. She paints using acrylics, gouache, and tempera on canvas, wood, or paper.

NATHALIE DE CORTE, Le Crépuscule des Nymphéas