NAGIA SIOULI, AFTER ON GOYA’S ATROPOS, 220 X 160 CM, acrylic , oil , charcoal , hagiography powders on canvas, PRICE : 2400 $



Naglia Souli  is based in Athens and she is currently studying at the School of Fine Arts

( department of Fine Arts and Science of Arts ) of the University of Ioannina.

Her main direction of creativity is Sound Art and Interactive Installations. Painting was

always for her the main form subject of which contains the terms of perspective which

are, of every aspect, the first risk to visualize her idea.

Her work “Untitled’ is a study based on her philosophical research about the position of

woman’s essence in a room of empty chairs which in a way can visualize the female

sexual interaction in the complexity of positions of power.

The work depicts the idea of Goya according to the work of “Atropos” that was created

during the Period of Black Paintings (1819 - 1823). The processing of the work “After”

is based on the original nature of the idea of the bound man in front of the three

degrees: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos (from left to right) in a modern direction of the

individual’s personal commitment to the reality of social moral standards and the

discomfort of racial identity.