NADZEYA NAUROTSKAYA, Freedom (Oil on canvas, glass, 50x70cm, 2021) - 1500€



Nadzeya Naurotskaya was born in Belarus and since 2017 lives in Pisa (Italy).

It was art therapy that led to painting and photography. Studied drawing at Accademia d’arte di Pisa

(Professor Bruno Pollacci's class). Traditional paintings on canvas and graphic drawings were soon

supplemented by work on stained glass.

Her paintings are like entrances to parallel worlds. They are for those who knows: the world is not enough.

There are other spaces where we live right now. Where we live a different life. And we can transfer

between these worlds. What for? To have other experience of ourselves, to open the mind, to expand the


Everything starts from acrylic one day, then - oil, a bit later comes to oil canvases with built-in glass. Vital

brushstroke and bold colors create memorable images. They seem to be both familiar and unexplored, vivid

and intimate, something that you easily identify but it remains mysterious.

Nadezhda's double-sided paintings embody the concept of dual reality in it's best way. Even if it's hard for

one to imagine something behind this materialistic world - just take a look at these small pieces of stained

glass. It's enough, you are already there. Just turn a picture to the other side and you are in a rabbit-hole.

Everything is possible there, everything is allowed.

It's an incredible and unforgettable experience. Mostly because of the author's background - Nadezhda is

an art therapist with more than 20 year practice. She knows how to see more in everybody and everything.

Her paintings are invitations to find out - who we are?

NADZEYA NAUROTSKAYA, Freedom (back side)