MARTINA KOSTA DIANKOVA, FIG-URE, photograph, 70 x 100 cm, kappa fix or aluminium. 2020, $710



Has Greek and Bulgarian origin and currently living in Greece. Martina is a professional

dancer and choreographer. She is one of the co-founders of Revelators dance company. The

company has choreographed since 2016 four performances that are presented at various

festivals in Greece. Martina also has choreographed one solo work presented in theaters and

festivals around Greece. She is member of the youth dance company since 2015 with

choreographer Zoi Efstathiou. Since 2017 she teaches yoga in Greece and around Europe.

Performances include collaborations choreographed by Christina Sougioultzi, Penny

Diamantopoulou, Alexandros Stavropoulos and Maria Gorgia.

Inspirations include nature, music, and the body, that are drone by freedom, limits, fears,

independence, balance, rebirth and nakedness. In this project, she explored the relationship

of the naked body-as a part of nature- and space.