MARINA POTANINA, Green 2.4.,  watercolor paper, 185 g, 40x40 cm - 300 euros



"The main subject of research in the works is freedom and a sense of freedom, restrictions and

responsibility associated with freedom.

I was born in the USSR, and this complex feeling of desire for freedom lives with me and it is permanent.

I really like dissent, which I understand as a manifestation of freedom and independence, as well as

some marginality. The origins of art, as well as the nature of the artist, are marginal in nature and there

is a sense of freedom in this. I consider myself a marginal artist and my freedom in art, in the process of

observation and creation.

I graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Economics, and also studied directing and theater.

Received art education in Russia, Belarus, studied with a teacher from Italy (Rome).

My works always explore the theme of freedom, freedom from opinion, freedom of feeling and at the

same time the state of limitation. Freedom and limitation, and from this state my real freedom grows, a

daring strong, willing to live, from this state my works grow!

In a difficult period of changing the country of residence, restrictions on movement, during the spread of

coronavirus and related prohibitions, curfews in a new country, the impossibility of previous

communications, during a period of restrictions in materials, the inability to work with your favorite

material - clay, important material and similar the character of expressiveness became watercolor and

paper. Watercolors and paper are fragile, transparent, somewhat unpredictable, the possibility of

correction is minimal, therefore these materials perfectly suited the expression of those ideas and

emotional state that I wanted to show in the Green project. Green is fragility and incredible strength

and thoughtlessness.

Green is one of my favorite shades of color and state, it is a state of awakening, germination, rebirth,

and uplift from the bottom. Green is freedom and independence! As if thousands of small sprouts pierce

the body and in a sense, in this case, I merge with nature, and I feel like a part of this life and this world.

I love to work in the style of abstract expressionism and my favorite artists are Cy Twombly, Anatoly

Zverev, Anselm Kiefer. My works are watercolors, modern jewelry, including recycling, modern ceramic

sculpture, interior ceramics and ceramic lamps."