MARIJA KOLMANIC, Congregation", mixed media art; acrylic, sand and seashells on stretched canvas, 40x40x1.5cm, 2020./ 440€



Marija Kolmanic was born 1985 in Croatia and now her home is Ireland, for 7 years now she is a Dublin based visual artist. Master's degree in Academy of applied arts and D.B.S. in Graphics design had helped her to work on solo and group exhibitions, book illustrations as well as at public art commissions.

During years of experimenting, she took pleasure in lots of techniques and methods, feelings and materials, influenced by the abstract expressionist movement. With the expressive content of her own experiences in the last 6 years as a 5rythms dance practitioner, she jumped to investigation in styles, meanings, and movements much deeper.

Contrast and textures in many variations and layers are continuously grabbing a big part in her playing with colors. Collage is a new experiment she is falling in love with. Here the intention is to point to distractions that are moving us away from our true being.

She was awarded by the National Foundation as the best activist in implementing civil initiatives in Croatia. Art Magazine from California had an interview and published her work.

Today she is a member of Visual Artist Ireland, Irish artists online galleries: ArtClick and Art4you. She is a dance co-op team volunteer and for 12 years now she is running an online Etsy shop.