MARCO TRENTIN, “Place of shame”, 70 x 100 cm, edition P/A, € 350


Marco Trentin, Italy

was born in 1992 and now lives and works near Venice. He graduated from the Institute of Advertising Graphics and Photography where he got to know the various techniques related to graphics and the rudiments of photographic language.

Subsequently he enrolled to the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he deepened his technical knowledge related to intaglio and wood engraving. Even though engraving remains the means by which to produce and create, his attention has remained tied to a wider graphic communication considering photography and digital media to deal with.

He is part of an artistic association "LAB 43", based in Mestre (Venice) with which he has been collaborating for some years now. Now he is teaching graphics and photography.

He is mainly dedicating himself to woodcut and chalcography. Through graphics and its language, he is creating representations that try to manifest the criticality of the existent, and through them he invites a personal criticality against the forces that try to govern us daily, both inside and outside.

Art is constantly linked to the subject and he is always creative in all circumstances. He determines himself through the experience of his choices and through the teaching that the choices and wishes of others can transmit to him. Every being lives in power as long as it is capable of conceiving and imagining, it will be able to create itself and the universe around it. Art is the experience of truth. It is, and should be, the mark of our step. The artist is without self-worship: being an artist is not a celebration of one's role or of the character created by the show. Reveal to the world what feeds only on truth. Reality and truth that grow by making use not of the manifestations of one's own actions, of the products of intimate intervention in reality, but of the unique and unrepeatable ability and experience that comes from its action. Maybe only art, daughter of love and freedom can guide us, teach us all the truth.

A truth that consists of myriads of narratives to which we are subjected daily. Our truth is made up of small details that are placed in an individual panorama in which it is up to us to verify how much of the "real" we can trace back to the "real", to become definitively part of us.

MARCO TRENTIN, “Place of shame”, 70 x 100 cm