MANUELA VIERA-GALLO, AMERICAN, 2020, Oil on canvas, 145 x 210 cm, 57 x 82.6 inch, $4000



( b.1977 Rome ITALY), Chilean artist living in Brooklyn NY

"For the last two decades I have been preoccupied with visual narratives that are shaped through a distinctively feminie voice often trying to understand  the correlation between instincts, reality and morality. I explore topics ranging from social instability, the American dream, domestic violence to surveillance and the rhetoric of belonging. 

The protagonist of a woman keeps appearing in my series of paintings that I have been developing over the course of my career. She is characterized as someone who has a multitude of voices: the one who protests, the silenced one, the misrepresented, stuck in the family constellation, the sensual and the one who has to mask behind many shields. 

I believe that my work fits into the New Surrealist aesthetics because I express intuitive and femenine realms in my paintings often including themes containing sexual tensions, mysteries or games. I have portrayed in my work stylized protests of nude women against the mechanisms of patriarchy that are pressing more and more towards us. For me the answer is often to render the unfamiliar and the ambiguous in bold colors offering fragments of stories to the viewer which are enigmatic and intimate at the same time.

The paintings that I have been developing the last couple of years often generate poetic, even humorous works while at the same time centering around the female body commenting on the struggle of everyday life as well as the constant fight for social and personal freedoms. In the selection of work I have submitted you can see the uncanny imagery of my imagination where I explore the human figure often depicting dismembered or distorted bodies. 

When I paint in front of the canvas I try to demolish rational thought. Even though I step into a world of fantasy I still try to touch upon collective concerns such as the protest movement of women, motherhood, body shaming and emotional violence. You notice in my paintings the motif of the mask where I investigate how an individual changes their personality to conform to social pressure, abuse or harassment.  I depict desire through mysterious encounters between humans and animals including very bold and bright colors. Often the canvases are infused with eroticism blending with ambiguity of fragmented forms. In my work I try to reveal the fraught sexual and psychological forces which are hidden just beneath the surface of reality."

She have been showing internationally, having Solo Show: Core Club, New York, USA (2020) Aninat Gallery , Santiago Chile ( 2019) Public Sector Art Basel, Miami USA (2017), Volta Art Fair (2016),    Y Gallery, New York. USA(2015),SP-ART FAIR , SAO PABLO, Brazil ( 2014) La Central Gallery, Bogota, Colombia (2013), Aninat Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2013), Arteba Fair- Buenos aieres , Argentina (2012) ,PiNTA Fair, New York, USA (2011), Y Gallery, New York. USA (2010), Valenzuela & Klenner Foundation, Bogota, Colombia (2007), Broadway 1602 Gallery, New York, USA (2007), Die Ecke Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2006) ; Rebecca Container Gallery, Genova, Italy (2005); 24/7 Gallery, East End London, UK (2002). Animal Gallery, Santiago, Chile (2002).

Group shows at :Museo del Barrio,Art Museum of the Americas, Elizabeth Foundation, Cultural Center Recoleta  Argentina. 5° Bienal do Mercosul, Portoalegre, Brazil, 10th Biennale of video and media Arts of Chile,Contemporary Art Musuem of Tamaulipas, CIF, Camden England. International Film Festival, Asymmetrick Arts Center, Chelsea Art Museum, East Asia Contemporary Museum or 5th Biennial do Mercosur, CCPLM Moneda Museum, Santiago,Chile, AC Institute NYC,S.E.C.S. LATINIDADES, Brazil, among others. 

Residency at:Unlimited , New York, NY (2016) ,Residency Unlimited , New York, NY (2015) Residency ACE Hotel, New York (2015) Residency CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART FUTURA PROJECT, Prague, Czech Republic (2009) Residency FLACC WORKSHOP AND STUDIO FOR VISUAL ARTISTS, Genk, Belgium (2007)

 Awards:  Selection Public Art Basel, Miami USA (2017)Grand of acquisition,  BIENAL DE LAS FRONTERAS 2014 DIRAC funding, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Chile(2009) Special Mention “Valerio Capponi" for the video RED CARPET, Adriatic Biennale, Italy(2006) Second place: III Biennial of Painting, Temuco, Chile (2000) Reviews Print:  Hyperallergic, Art nexus, T Magazine (New York Times); Arte al Limite; La Panera; El Mercurio; La Tercera; Ultimas Noticias; La Segunda; La Opinión; Paula; Vivienda y Decoración; Deco Art; Cura Magazine, Artforum, etc.