Malgorzata Jablonska, Protecting, clay sculpture, 52x42x15cm, £700.


Malgorzata Jablonskais an artist and an educator born in Poland from Polish father and Russian mother. She grew up between Polish and Russian cultures and was influenced by both. She has obtained a B.A. and M.A. degree in Fine Arts at Akademia Sztuk Pieknych in Warszawa, where she focused on painting and drawing. In 2006, she studied Ceramics at the University of Westminster, and has since been based in England.

When she works with clay, she is reminded that the human condition is one that is both complex and simple. She usually uses the technique of coiling which she enjoys as it allows her to build her piece slowly. Taking time over the creation of a piece is very important to her as it allows her awareness to settle into the process of creation in a very organic and mindful way. She likes to see what the clay wants to reveal as she follows her instincts. 

Her art is almost abstract, inspired by nature and its biological forms, by light and organic structures. Through her work, she endeavours to express the mystery of reality, of its variability and its singularity. Her sculpture forms are like individual living organisms on their own, unique entities representing physiological or psychological processes such as breathing, bonding, joining, rooting etc.

She is currently teaching ceramics at the Working Men’s College, Brunel University and other Adult Education Centres. She has taken part in several exhibitions, and her work has been exhibited in several galleries such as Officinet, (Copenhagen, 2011), Apple House, (Skealskore, Denmark, 2011), 118 Gallery, Notting Hill Visual Arts Festival (London, 2010), and Chilterns MS Center (UK, 2019). 

Malgorzata Jablonska, Protecting, 52x42x15cm, clay sculpture