MAJA PUĐA, Essence of the Horse, oil on canvas, 120 x 80 cm, 2021



Maja Puđa was born in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on January 17 1999.  She graduated from

High School as an economic technician in 2017 and enrolled into the Art Academy in Split.

In 2020 she completed undergraduate study program of Fine Culture and Fine Arts (

Currently she is enrolled in the final year of the Graduate program. 

In spare time she works as an makeup artist with two degrees.

"Metaphysics is the spring of my inspiration and the path I follow while searching for

possible solutions. I have shown landscapes that are prolonged by thought and sense of

another dimension which is not visible to us, but as such exists. Man, animals, and the

smallest object appear associatively as an indication while making the statement of the

self-recognition. I am using layer transparency, shape overlap and dynamic flow to

emphasize the importance of energy while I am using it as the inspiration for the "Reservior". "

About the painting: 

"Essence of the Horse" (oil on canvas, 120x80 cm, 2021.)

These are the spiritual and molecular cells of a powerful being as shown. From tiny to

large and functional circuits, it becomes a huge force of energy. I fictionally create layers by

which I emphasize the strength of the animal in motion. The unmutable part in the eye gets

a new meaning and suddenly fiction becomes a world of evil. “Nature is born before us as

an image, as an opportunity: landscapes, horizons, dreams, strata...and people. The

characters are muted, possessed, as if someone behind called the empty faces and gave them

eyes to see where they are going."

MAJA PUĐA, Essence of the Horse