M. Miao, Nature, 176 cm x 115 cm, 2019 - 2550 Euro


M. Miao is a Chinese painter currently based in The Netherlands. 

She obtained her BA degree in Exhibition Design in China.  Shortly after, she went to Germany to

pursue her art career, where she obtained intensive courses in sculpture and painting. With this

experience, M. Miao went to London to further enhance her painting skills.  

The following years in Shanghai, she successfully presented her work in group shows together with

other international artists. Besides, she also got in touch with the local graffiti artist scene, obtaining

the chance to work on several street graffiti projects. 

Her work evokes emotions and memories that are somehow in hiding, which all human beings have

undergone. M. Miao creates a world which all the unsettled souls can connect to.   

M. Miao, Nature, 176 cm x 115 cm, 2019