Louise Villa, Daughter, $2650, 80 x 100cm


Louise Villa is a Swedish Painter, born and living in Sweden.

She obtained her BA degree in design and felt deeply connected to minimalist Scandinavian design. At 25, she moved to Kerala in South India, and was influenced by the lavish and abundant expressiveness she found there.

Hence, when she began painting after she moved back to Sweden in 2013, she saw that her work was informed by both forces of minimalism and maximalism.

When she paints, she seeks for truth, meaning, beauty, and curiosity. Inspiration comes from different directions, whether it be a color in nature; a story she hears; or a specific expression or movement she observes in a person. When she starts a new painting, she has a strong sense of the ambiance she wishes to mediate – she believes that the exact motif is inferior to the feeling. Since 2013, she has been showing her artworks at many juried exhibitions: group/solo shows in galleries, art halls and art centers in Sweden.

Louise Villa, Daughter, 80 x 100cm