LOUISE BYRNE, Perturbation Soil

LOUISE BYRNE, Perturbation Soil, video



Is an Irish visual artist living and working out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Focusing mainly on the moving body in relation to space, the idea of movement as a form of communicative language interests her practice. She uses the play between digitally recorded and live movement in an expanded drawing practice to make often, video based works.

Movement in her practice is a way of being, and reacts to the surroundings in a particular space through the transition of states of shapes. Something that motivates the use of line within her practice is the relationship the body has with the space which connects with the relationship the line can have on its surface. She is interested in digital capture of line intertwined with movement so, that momentary element can communicate the drawing in space and the play occurs between digital and live to sculpturally realize movement as a form of language.


This piece, Perturbation, is a series of two performative video pieces based on the spaces in which she has made a series of movement phrases in. She considers her body to be drawing in space the shapes which make up these phrases. The movement phrases and dialogue are a response to the space, coming from her as a human, in the combination of the physical and emotional response; within the timeframe which she made the work, while in isolation. The title reflects a certain feeling of restlessness and comfort at the same time.

LOUISE BYRNE, Perturbation Soil