LOLA MUNOZ, The Eternal Feminine, mixed techniques on wood. 50cm. 350€.



Lola Muñoz was born in the Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain, in 1983, a multidisciplinary artist and teacher of Art, after living the last eight years in Mexico, where she formed a beautiful family, with which she resumed her artistic and teaching career, she returned to Spain four years ago fascinated by nature, Mexican culture and its beautiful crafts, her work focuses on the search for innate qualities of the human soul: beauty, calm, femininity, compassion , peace and inner wisdom, all represented through the nature and her cycles, metamorphosis,  astronomy, sacred geometries and all the flowers and animals around her. She makes collage drawn and painted in oilpaint along with work with engraving techniques, linographs and mixed techniques, seeking healing in each work, always open to inner knowledge and the freedom that artistic creation brings her.

LOLA MUNOZ, The Eternal Feminine