LIBENGE JEREMIE YONGO, The Scarecrows, oil on canvas, 150 x 160 cm, 2020



A very promissing young painter, currently still a student at A.B.A, painter. In his work we often find

the compositions of still life’s of shoes that he treats in his subjects as brand image,

witness, apologist for the life of man; of his personality, his social rank and his

journey "the buffalo dies but leaves their skin dying; thus the man dies, and

leaves his mark and his reputation." in nature.

The idea of painting the shoes came to his mind for the first time, when he

wanted to immortalize his shoes that have crossed with him a whole year and

to paint them was a way for him to show his gratitude towards them, while

seeking to circumvent the artists relevant to these subjects in particular Vincent

Van Gogh in his series of shoes and Charlie Chaplin in his film of the gold rush

which were for him source of motivation...

So he said to himself: "If men have languages, shoes have them too, they are part

of the vestiges which bear witness to the life of the person who put them on”.

In short, it is an apologue of its owner and the latter by wearing it lends it its

form, so they also bring its suffering; then it becomes the imprint of the person

and reflects his personality.

LIBENGE JEREMIE YONGO, The Scarecrows, 150 x 160 cm, 2020