KRISZTINA ARLATH, Tullia d'Aragona

KRISZTINA ARLATH, Tullia d'Aragona, Video



"My artwork is an animation series about Venetian courtesans from the Renaissance and Baroque

period. They were the lovers of many rich and famous men, and artists. I found

interested, that the name of the gallery is the same, than the famous Venetian theatre. I

had a little resource about their woman before. The people I have researched so far

have played a particularly important cultural role in their own community based on their

progressive thinking and multifaceted knowledge. The innovative effect of their

activities, although indirectly, can still be discovered today. For example, Veronica

Franco had the courage and talent to break out of the bondage of stylized emotions in

the field of poetry.

Tullia d'Aragona understood the knowledge of the cultivation of the body and wrote

philosophical dissertations.

Barbara Strozzi was an excellent Baroque composer, whose notes are still performed

by today’s soloists. Portrait paintings were made of the above-mentioned women in their

own age; the painters were Jacopo Tintoretto, Tiziano Vecellio, Alessandro Bonvicino,

Bernardo Strozzi, Paolo Veronese.

I used the digital version of the oil paintings, and I made painting animations.

I am a Budapest based artist, from Hungary. I graduated the Hungarian University of

Fine Arts, in Budapest 2014. I am sculptor, but I love to make animations also."

KRISZTINA ARLATH, Tullia d'Aragona