KRISTINA DAUKINTYTE AAS, Unweaving II, Digital jacquard weave,, Materials: wool, Size: 150x300 cm, Year of production: 2019, Price: 12 500 Euro  



was born 1978 in Lithuania, resides in Norway since 1997. She has studied at Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2006-2011. She got several scholarships from Arts Council Norway since 2012; her work has been purchased by several museums in Norway and Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, Michigan, USA.

She has been represented in numerous international exhibitions since the beginning of her artistic carrier.


«The main aspect that I question in my work is how we experience and perceive our physical surroundings. We take our senses for granted and believe they can describe the world as it is. There is this special moment: I think I see one thing, but it appears to be something else. The confusion that emerges from it makes me humble and insecure. Jacquard loom allows me to explore these issues. I have to balance: to find ways to break up the repetition while challenging the pattern. Technically, I use both: chaos and rhythm pattern and fracture. While I work, I get a revelation that the whitest cannot be made of only white threads, and the blackest must have the white underneath to support the construction. In almost photographic depiction the textile gets erased, but only from a distance.»