KATERINA KOCURKOVA, Prevoznici, 2021, Oil on Canvas, Diptych, 345 x  145 cm, 800 Euros



"My beginnings in painting relate mainly to landscape painting and the open air in which I found balance. So the spaces were emptied at first. Later, my work began to resort more to the figure in nature. Where I deal with the fusion and conception of man by nature, as an inevitable element. Paintings, which focuses on the young generation we are surrounded by, carries with it a certain disorientation in time, space and especially in the present. The paintings point to the context of how we perceive the individual world in which we live. Perception is the primary element that I deal with in my work."


Kateřina Kocourková portrays men in various groups or poses as crumbling fragments of something that has long since passed away or been lost in this world. Her heroes are dressed in contemporary clothes, but their faces are no longer indistinguishable. He points out how easy it is to forget and lose the visual of a person when he is not near us and not to create him by remembering him until he becomes an indistinguishable portrait. My inspiration comes from the life around me. Inspiration could come from portraits of Andrew Wyeth and Adrian Ghenie.

KATERINA KOCURKOVA, Prevoznici (Diptych)