JUTTA OBERHUBER, Laquer Work 2, Laquer on Aluminum, 70 x 80 cm




Studied at Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Germany , with Professor Thomas Bayrle and

Professor Raimer Jochims. She finished her studies with a degree in art and art theorie.

2005 to 2009 Jutta Obenhuber lived in Connecticut and in Texas in the USA. However, by

travelling to Tibet and Japan she was also influenced by the Eastern mentality.

Since graduating, she has exhibited internationally. Since 2019 she has been a lecturer at the

Frankfurt Painting Academy. In her artistic work she focuses on the essential things, on the

wonders of nature, on the play of lights, on the colored shadows, on the completeness hidden

in the details.

Jutta believes that the visual arts are a development of our visual process. For her, artistic

activity is an attempt to penetrate into the field of visible being and to appropriate it in a

designed form to consciousness.

It is important for her thinking that art cannot simply be translated into language.

JUTTA OBERHUBER, Laquer Work 2, 70 x 80 cm