IRINA TRUSOVA, The secret of the Third planet, Bohustis, 2019, 1.  40 x 20 cm, 2. 17 x 35 cm, 3. 25 x 30 cm, Stoneware, glazes, raku firing.



is a Russian artist working in ceramics and art education, based in Moscow. Her journey in

ceramics started eight years ago after giving up a successful business career. Received her very

first degree in biology she is inspired by nature and the processes that occur in the Universe. She

experiments with different clays and firings and tries to follow clay in its natural manifestation.

She also owns one of the largest ceramic studios in Moscow where she teaches kids and adults

the art of ceramics.

Irina believes that functionality of any handmade object is first and foremost in its beauty.

Ceramics for her is a unique art, complicated in its technology, advanced in the process of

interaction with the materials and borderless in its expressive ability. She uses this perfect tool to

express her understanding of beauty, in its intimate intricacy. Through her work she expresses

her feelings and interprets surrounding world. She says that in a way she is “stealing” from the

nature, but because it is too boring to copy something, she creates her own imaginary worlds.

Irina’s path in art is not a straightforward thing. She opted out of getting a classic art education

and preferred to self-educate herself and to learn from the artists she found inspiring. She took

several pottery and stationary ceramic courses in Russia and internationally, and she constantly

continues her education. This multidisciplinary approach gives an additional advantage in the

creative process as she sees ceramics from different angles, educational, businesslike as well as

pure art. Having started as a functional potter, her work recently shifted towards large sculptural

forms, which she exhibited nationally and around the world.

She facilitated two international ceramics symposiums Baikal-CeraMystica (2018 and 2019) and

co-organized an educational course on fire-sculptures “Make your fire.” She participates in

ceramic symposiums and her work is present in private collections in Russia, Croatia and Italy as

well as in the collection of Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark. She

sees her mission in making the world more beautiful through the art of making ceramics and

educating people.

IRINA TRUSOVA, The secret of the Third planet, Bohustis