HOLOVKO TETIANA, Everything Has a Sun - $900 (30*40 cm)



She was born in 1991 and now lives and works in Kyiv (Ukraine). She left

from art school in Poltava (Ukraine), where she learned the main artistic

techniques. After school, she had a break like any creative person. She

kept doing it until set off to Israel a few years ago. She dipped into Israeli

culture totally. She was inspired to keep creating this piece of art. She

works with different materials such as charcoal, chalk, acrylic, and oils.

Upon creating her works she inspires nature environment, people feelings

and various ties between all of them. Her works focus on expressing and

covering different aspects of Universe existing and individual items. She

puts something special feelings into her works. People can find their own

thoughts looking at her portfolio. She exposes various items such as

Universe existence, the Earth origin, energy movements, feelings and

emotions. All of these bring us to unbelievable and marvelous world. She

believes that each flower can absorb whole world. She wants remind

people of our planet and as far as beautiful our world is. The tiny flower,

wind breath, sunlight are worth living. It’s a huge value for us.

HOLOVKO TETIANA, Everything Has a Sun