ELENA SHOLOKHOVA, Demon Sitting 3, 6500 €




Elena Sholokhova, 1974, lives and works in Moscow.

In her works, she turns to feminist art and the interpretation of the legacy of the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel through the prism of female painting of the New York School - action painting / abstract expressionism. The artist focuses on Vrubel's trilogy, The Seated Demon, The Flying Demon and The Demon Defeated, rewriting this image of the Spirit, combining masculine and feminine in an expressive manner, inspired by the art of Joan Mitchell.

Despite the difference in the time of life and work of Vrubel and Mitchell, the artist combines them on her canvases, as a poetic device, where the development of human consciousness, as a sequence of changing several inner "I", each of which corresponds to a special inner landscape.

 The artist develops the direction of abstract expressionism in Russia.