Doris Schamp is an Austrian artist, cartoonist and art teacher working across drawing, painting, photography and installation. Schamp´s focus is mankind. She portrays society in a critical way, often with a humorous twist.

In her latest series she portrays and questions the throwaway society by using wrapping material for mosaics and collages.

Schamp´s works have been shown at Building Bridges Art Exchange Gallery, Los Angeles, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Mahalla art festival Malta and at numerous Cartoon museums. Her works are part of collections Helmut Marko, Oren Peli, the County of Lower Austria

and the County of Burgenland.

Before working as a fine artist, Doris Schamp drew cartoons for Red Bull and for Austrian magazines and newspapers and has won the International Cartoon Prize of Aachen in 2013 Doris Schamp lives in Vienna and in Bramberg in the Alps and calls Los Angeles her second home.

Her works are currently on display in Venice and Salzburg.

DORIS SCHAMP, The High Pristess