Cristina Ortiz, Bodies and Souls, 80 x 60cm, print on aluminium. 2016. 2000 euros. 


Inspired by novel Bodies and Souls by Maxence Van der Meersch.


Cristina Ortiz was born in the town of Jaen. She was a shy and clueless girl with a lot of imagination who easily distracted herself in an inner world. She moved to Granada to study art, because it was her vocation from childhood. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and went on to purse a PhD program in "Research, Theory, and Technique of Pictorial Creation and Its Restoration".​


She is inspired by the spiritual, dreamlike world, the mystery, the nature, and the beauty of the simple. To create, she immerses herself in an inner world, and although the technique and themes are varied, her works almost always have an intimate nuance, as her work is closely related to her life. For her, art is a search. She likes to express herself through art as a form of personal liberation.​


Her preferred medium is mixed technique and oil. She also does digital art and sculpture. She has participated in international exhibitions at the 57th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, Awareness (July 13-September 3, 2017), Palazzo Ca'Zanardi's Visions exhibition (September 12-November 26, 2017), ALQUIMIA in New York (2018), and The Brick Lane Gallery in London (August 22-September 4, 2017).

Cristina Ortiz, Bodies and Souls, 80 x 60cm, print on aluminium