Cora Nimtz, SwampAss, 8 x 10, 2019



Working with gouache on aquaboard, she creates hazy dream worlds that echo a distinctly southern landscape. Often the central femme figures wear expressions that are stoic and unbothered, as they are thrust into this familiar yet futuristic absurdity. Vibrant colors veil darker and perplexing themes of the south. On the surface raw sexuality, humor, and resilience can be found in her work. With deeper observation themes of pollution, uncertainty, and the challenges of sexism rise as uncomfortable truths.

She says she is a southern mutt, growing up between Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and finally attending college at LSU from her undergraduate in anthropology and history. After spending a year in China teaching and studying calligraphy, she have come back to the South to make New Orleans her home. She have been creating art her whole life, but her relationship with her craft intensified after living abroad. The solitude of being alone in a foreign country, the colors and vivid images of Guangzhou China, and the discipline she learned studying calligraphy inspired her to hone her craft as a way to express herself to the people back home.



Cora Nimtz, SwampAss, 8 x 10, 2019

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