VANESSA CARDUI, The green thread

VANESSA CARDUI, "The green thread" (English title)/ "Am seidenen Faden" (German title), 2021: 5800,00€



Vanessa Cardui, born in 1987, is a video artist from Berlin. She studied art and media at the University of Hildesheim in Germany and “Médiation culturelle des arts” at Université de Provence in France. She deals with the topics of environmental protection and sustainability and questions being human as well as being woman in times of change. Vanessa Cardui transforms everyday objects into pieces of art by exploring the different techniques of animation to bring the objects to life. She works with meaningful color contrasts and creates an imaginative world that arises from the texture of the material.

Vanessa Cardui's work has received national and international awards. She is the winner of this year's international competition “Genius Loci Weimar”, her audiovisual project “The Red Thread” was projected in September 2021 on the Altenburg building in Weimar, the former University of Music. Her film “The green thread” has received the Green Award in October 2021 as part of the Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin in “Moviemento”, the oldest cinema in Germany. Vanessa Cardui is exhibiting her video works as part of the “Art4Future” initiative to promote up-and-coming young artists at UniCredit Bank AG in Berlin from September 2021 to March 2022. Her experimental animation film "Color dance" won in the Micro Short Animation category at the Prague International Film Festival in May 2021 and became the semi-finalist at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival in Toronto.

Vanessa Cardui:
"Through moving images I can express myself and try out new ways. I love to explore new materials and mediums and to bring them together. A thread becomes a line in my drawing, a pair of socks turns into a painting, a torn paper becomes an ocean, ... Being creative means to me being open minded. And being an artist means to me being courageous to talk about something that hasn't been talked about in that way."

"The green thread", 2021A piece of thread is cut off again and again from a ball of wool until almostnothing is left of it and in the end, life only hangs on a very thin, shortthread. The pictorial metaphor of the increasingly smaller ball of wool shows thefiniteness of our natural resources.Everything is connected to one another by the same green thread. The same threadthat shapes the planet also draws the silhouette of man and gives him its shape.So basically we are all hanging by the same thread that holds us and the worldtogether. When man cuts off something from the great ball of wool on his planet,he ultimately cuts himself too, and everything he does to the planet, heultimately does to himself.With the animation film the artist creates awareness for our actions and showsthe meaningfulness and ultimately the necessity of climate protection in asensual way. And despite the severity of the problem, she opposes a lightness andaesthetic that makes a positive rethink possible.


VANESSA CARDUI, The green thread