CHAIMA BEN SAID, My Jungle, 76,5 cm x 57 cm, 950 £



Chaima Ben Said is an experienced artist who was born in 1991 in Tunis.

she received her BA in Technical Science in 2010 she obtained her BA in 2013 majoring in Animation

Film Design and Production, additionally to a MA in Production and Production Assistant in 2015, a

year later she joined the living arts center of rades.

Her passionate to the visual art driven her to practice different aspects in the field start with painting,

graphics, animation, illustration and printmaking.

Her work has been always remarkable with the graphic touch, you can clearly see the slight details in

her work from lines to the contours, and the curves. all these elements combined with a richness in

colors, take us to see through her imagination. Chaima was inspired by a world full of nature and the

wood element was an inspiration for her to practice wood engraving along with different inks where

she finds a piece of heaven. Obliviously, the combination of the natural element and her inspiration

take the viewers to anther dimensions.

She has participated in various exhibitions since 2011, at the Ibn Kholdun Cultural House, at the Holy

Cross Gallery, the Ibn Rachiq Cultural House, Sidi Bou Said Gallery, DOKAN BOM Tsukuba where she

was successful in grabbing the press’s attention.