CAROLYN BRANN, Markisches Museum, ink and acrylic on canvas, 79cm x 41cm - €450



Is an abstract artist living and working in Berlin, Germany - WITHOUT an assistant.  She has been there since August 2020, prior to that she was in San Diego, California.  She has been painting regularly since about 2013 and is mostly self-taught, however, she worked individually for several years with Masters level instructor, Nasser Pirasteh.  She meditates daily and practices kundalini yoga regularly and these spiritual modalities influence her work - She gets visions of colors, patterns, or other imagery which show up in many of her paintings.  Some of her favorite women painters are Yayoi Kusama and Helen Frankenthaler.  Both of their styles influence her work - Kusama with repetitive dot patterning and Frankenthaler with soak staining/layering.  In December 2020, she challenged herself to create 100 pieces of work by 31 March 2021 by using the soak staining technique Frankentahaler championed. 

CAROLYN BRANN, Markisches Museum